This week while we are still sadly short a Drew we do get welcome back Dan, We review the Lion cards and fiction in one episode, A quick thank you to Fantasy Flight Games for increasing the Opening Tournament size at GenCon, and GenCon gets an earful from Mr Murphy.

In Episode 6, We have more Crane talk, a little Lion talk, and no one has tickets to the Gencon L5R Events. Also Blake makes a promise he probably shouldn't have.

Welcome to the 4th episode of Focus, Focus, Strike! The Doing and The Being Done

Welcome to the 5th episode of Focus, Focus, Strike! Like the Statue, Be Still, Be Perfection

This week it's all about the Crane and a little talk about a game that might carry you through till Gencon.

Welcome to the 3rd episode of Focus, Focus, Strike! To Pierce with Honeyed Words

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