Hello, extraordinaire pony lovers! It's your friendly neighborhood Ogre with your favorite Cheeseburger flavored previews! As with the last set, I have no idea how to rate this previews because the biggest component of the power level of these previews (the base set) isn't available! So Ill rate them at a EE level and a completely arbitrary IvE scale! So hold on to your horses and here we go!



Iuchi Wattu


Hello fellow purple pony lovers, it is once again time to do our review of the latest set! Best part about reviewing a set of questionable legality for our current arc and a future arc that we know literally almost nothing about is that there are no right or wrong answers! So I am going to have as much fun with this review as possible!



Hello fellow Unicorn and Pony lovers! It is that time of the cycle again where we get to go over the newest cards with the newest gut reactions to a new environment we haven't seen any cards for except those previewed today! Woo! This preview set marks the return of dual bug cards so we can expect to see some powered down action for the next arc. I'll mainly be focusing on usefulness for Emperor edition with some thoughts of Ivory edition as well. Well onward to the cards!


Phoenix 'Lizard Wizard'

The end of Kotei season is nearly upon us but with a new set rotating in for the last month of tournaments, it’s time to examine some new tools for existing decks. Phoenix non-humans has been, if not dominant, then at least one of the major powers in the tournament scene up until now—but despite its popularity, it is still one of the more misunderstood decks.  Let’s break down its matchups versus some of the decks you can expect to see and look at how those matchups change with Coils of Madness.

Lizard Wizard


Welcome to the second interview in my odd plan to just talk with people I know and write stuff down. This time I had the pleasure of interviewing yet another great friend of mine and pillar of the L5R community. I shall let him do the introducing and I hope you enjoy the chat we had over a few drinks...

Dan Dineen

Who are you and what are you drinking?
Daniel Dineen, and I am currently consuming a delicious adult beverage known as Sam Adams Double Agent IPA... :)