Hello fellow Pony players! Since the moderators have asked us to write articles for the Unicorn forums, I am going to focus on writing on the cards from various expansions that would be good for you to keep in mind. With the release of Second City this week, I will be previewing various cards from that particular expansion. I will mostly discuss cards in contrast with other Emperor cards in mind but if there is some sort of important Celestial combo I will mention it as well. This part will preview Shugenja and Battle Maiden cards with the following part previewing Tactician, Commander and Miscellaneous cards (Dare I say a scout deck?).

Part I: Shugenja and Battle Maiden


Today is the day I look at my opponent and realize that I am fully prepared to exploit every card in this deck, especially the ones that don’t get shuffled in”



As the strongholds flip at the start of a game, I often receive a stunned look when I ask “Why do you chose to run that version of Bamboo Harvesters?”.