Hey kids! Good to see you again! It's your friendly neighborhood Ogre doing his review of the Unicorn previews for Torn Asunder! Huzzah! While we didn't get any battle actions this set on the four spoiled personalities (sad face!), I think we got some useful personalities regardless. To the personalities!


Ogre here again for our preview of the Seeds of Decay! OOOOOH AHHHHHHH!





The Scroll of Fire: On Concepts of Battle

Flames are Real, The heat is reality, Tricks are falsehood:

“In the Military science of the individual Two Sword school, combat is thought of as fire. Matters pertaining to victory and defeat in combat are thought of as a scroll of fire and so are written down herein.

To begin with, people of the world all think of the principles of advantage in martial arts in small terms. Some know how to take advantage of a flick of the wrist, using the tips of the fingers. Some know how to win using a fan, by timely movement of the forearm. Then again, using a bamboo sword or something like that, they may just learn the minor advantage of speed, training their hands and feet in this way, concentrating on the advantage of a little more speed.”

~Miyamoto Musashi

Knowing the State of Affairs:

“In Large-scale military science, knowing the state of affairs means discerning the flourishing and decline of the opponent, discerning the intentions of adversary troops and perceiving their condition, clearly seeing the state of affairs, determining how to deploy your own troops so as to gain certain victory by the principles of military science, and doing battle with knowledge of what lies ahead.”
~Miyamoto Musashi


The Scroll of Water

On the nature of Tempo:



"Among the rhythms used to strike an opponent, there is what is called a single beat. Finding a position where you can reach the opponent, realizing when the opponent has not yet determined what to do, you strike directly, as fast as possible, without moving your body or fixing your attention."

~Miyamoto Musashi