Hello fellow purple pony lovers, it is once again time to do our review of the latest set! Best part about reviewing a set of questionable legality for our current arc and a future arc that we know literally almost nothing about is that there are no right or wrong answers! So I am going to have as much fun with this review as possible!



If you guys want, I can come back and do a re-shoot of these guys (and the CoM people too) as we see more of IvE to get a better feel on the environment.


Shinjo Kinto Exp: HOOORAY! Another Scout at last! I COULD try to lie and say I chose Kinto for "Commander" purposes, but I really just wanted another scout. Lo and Behold, Kinto has traits for days (not Nalesh's 13 but still going strong). 4F for 7 gold in EE is a little weak, but seems on par for IvE for an ability and Cavalry (for 9 gold). It would have been nice if his ability could be used on other guys (Commander anybody?) but it is a pretty versatile ability. An excellent use of his retreat ability is against other Cavalry decks as it allows you to over assign and then send Kinto back for defense. Note in IvE, for him to move into a battle, you will need to have presence already there. Felt he was cheated on the force end of the stick (vs Tselu exp and Moto Ming-Gwok) so 6 out of 10 cheeseburgers.

Ide Hinobu: This guy went to the Ide Tang school of wardrobe and bellhop-man-ship. He also looks slightly familiar to another preview, one that I just can't put my fingers on... (think powder blue... Ok I'll spoil: Daidoji Soken). Best part about that was I was thinking on how I could possibly abuse Soken in Unicorn with his 4HR. Guess what? NOT NEEDED. This guy is awesome. The ability in EE alone allows for some abuse to produce gold immediately means play and pay. I don't have exact knowledge on how gold pooling works in IvE (do you pool gold before you spend?) so his use their might be a little more limited but will make for a great second turn purchase (getting gold and guy at the same time is consistency!). Also perhaps signals a new theme for Unicorn seeing as we didn't receive a tactician this set. Anyways, 8 out of 10 Cheeseburgers. 10 out of 10 if Misdirection gets reprinted.

Moto Daiken: Shugenja Previewed for IvE have some serious chi! This seems great for both EE and IvE! 4F boxable out of ToD 99% of the time is really solid in terms of a blitz personality (plus has Water). In IvE, seems to be above the curve in terms on force to gold which is also a bonus. Card also seems to let on a possible theme adjustment for Death Priests actually having our Shugenja bringing in Ancestor personalities like the Lion Clan guys do. 9 out of 10 Cheeseburgers.

Utaku Sayaka: Another boxable paragon for IvE, all I have to say WHERE WERE YOU ALL ARC FOR EE? Anyways, have to compare her to our only other paragon for IvE, in which she is literally almost the same stats. Utaku Sang-Ju is same cost, HR, PH, and chi with 3F. Sayaka is 2F but an invest of 3 for a total of 4F. Basically, you are going to be paying 3g for one more force over Sang-ju... not a good deal by any stretch of the imagination. While Sang-ju is the superior card, you will probably see both personalities ran together at the beginning of the arc. She isn't bad but she isnt great either hence my 5 out of 10 Cheeseburgers.

Riding to the Rescue: This card sucks. 100% for EE. I can't imagine an environment where Arrival of the Unicorn (that you have to be opposed at!) the dynasty card is any better. Family Dojo just seems better for follower force pumps. 1 out of 10 Cheeseburgers.


Exotic Farmlands: Extremely expensive force to gold ratio (1F to 3G), but if you got the gold it isn't a terrible card. Will probably be massive in draft, wish you could attach the followers to multiple personalities instead of setting up an all eggs in one basket scenario. Remember Family Dojo? Save the gold, get the big Force pump. Bad in EE, have mixed feelings about it for IvE. 3 out of 10 Cheeseburgers for EE, 5 out of 10 Cheeseburgers for IvE.

New Cavalry Tactics: So let me get this straight. You print Exotic Farmlands in the same set as New Cavalry Tactics, which you only have to pay 1/2 the gold (1/3 the gold for Commanders!) and get the followers at engage speed (and they are Cavalry!). Seems... fishy. Barring having 12+ gold lying around with no use, New Cavalry Tactics beats the snot out of Exotic Farmlands. 3G for this action is probably still too pricey for EE (maybe Fury of the Mob decks will love it), but IvE 1F to 1G ratio is really good. It seems like Family Dojo will be my go to IvE 2f2 holding. Solid. 7 out of 10 Cheeseburgers for IvE.

Outnumbered: Between Riding to the Rescue, Family Dojo and Outnumbered, IvE Follower decks seem like they are going to quickly dump out a lot of force. This card doesn't make the EE cut, but I have no idea for IvE where it seems going swarmy is going to be the rule of the day and large scale force pumps and penalties might be really good. It still seems bad to me at the end of the day, but I haven't seen over half of the IvE cards yet. 4 out of 10 Cheeseburgers.

Overall, Im not in love with these previews, but I am also just basing the cards on what I have played in EE. IvE will be a different beast and as we get closer I would like to redo this thought on these cards when I have a larger understanding of the environment. Until next time, keep taking those undefended provinces!