Welcome to the first, of what will hopefully be many interviews with members of the L5R community over a few drinks. So things may get a bit odd at times. Anyway, my first guest is a very good friend of mine, and someone who is no doubt very big in the community. I feel obliged to point out that he did this entire interview on his phone (typing) so you guys should be impressed, thats dedication. Anywho, on to the interview....

So who are you and what are you drinking?
Dan: My name is Daniel Briscoe and I'm enjoying a lovely Boulevard Zōn at the moment

Pete: *pauses to google*
Hmmmm a Weiss Bier, nice. I myself am enjoying Hollands finest, Bavaria lager.

Dan: Indeed. Actually haven't tried it before, but it's quite nice. I do love a good lager as well.

Pete: Lets just say that this is a very cheap brand of beer

Dan: Haha, fair enough.

And how are you doing these days?

Dan: I'm doing fairly well. At home with my mother tonight, then driving to Austin for tomorrow to visit my girlfriend.

Pete: Ooh very nice, is it a long drive? (reminder that for us Irish anything longer than an hour is a long drive)

Dan: Haha, yes. About 6 hours all told.

Pete: Jesus wept! Well, good luck with that then.

Dan: I've done longer. We used to drive to Topaz every year in Chicago, and that's about 12 hours. GenCon from where I used to live is 14.

Pete: God, I cant say I would be able for that stuff. It was quicker than that for me to get to Topaz last year.

Dan: Yes. Planes are faster than cars, as I've come to learn the past few years.

Pete: Yeah, that does make a difference I guess.

So rumour has it, and by rumour I mean you straight up told me, that you are a Unicorn player. How did you get into the Unicorn clan in the beginning?
Dan: I had washed out of a Magic draft that evening, and a friend I had met at a show that summer showed up. He was playing this crazy game with samurai. He taught me, and the first card I recalled was "Kolat Master". I asked him who these Kolat guys were and how could I play them. He told me that they weren't a playable faction so much, but the faction that had been infiltrated the most has been the Unicorn. And, as the saying goes, that's all she wrote. I bought my first starter the next day at the shop and have been playing ever since.

So you would be in favour of any anti-Kami movement?
Dan: Not just any anti-Kami movement. One of the things that made the Kolat so cool was that moved quietly and patiently. They understood if they were heavy handed and obvious about their agenda and goals that they'd be crushed. I thought that was really, really cool.

Pete: I have to admit to a certain sympathy towards the Kolat myself. If there is one thing the Unicorn are good at its being quiet and patient.....wait...is that right?

Dan: Depends on who was Champion at the time. :)

Pete: Haha quite true.

So you started in L5R in X, what has kept you playing/involved? (Where X is the edition you started in)
Dan: I started during the Gold/Diamond transition right after 'Fall of Otosan Uchi' came out. And for me, I've loved the game and story, but the people I've met all over the world are the reason I've kept playing. They've become some of my best friends and more than anything I'm thankful they're in my life.

Pete: You should be careful when saying things like that, especially around one Justin Walsh...

Dan: Hahaha, I love Justin! He's a great guy.

Pete: Oh me too, great guy, but I still remember getting slapped full in the face (on camera) when I said that one of the best things in L5R is the people. Somewhere that video still exists.

Dan: Hahaha, well - they can certainly be an interesting lot sometimes as well.

So what would you say is your best L5R memory (if you can narrow it down)?
Dan: Wow, god, there's so many. My first GenCon. The first time I made Top 8. The first time I won a Kotei. But of all of them, if I had to narrow it down, I'd say making it over for the 2012 World Championships in Barcelona was my favorite. One of the best trips I've ever taken in my life.

Pete: Yeah, bit of a shame I couldn't make Barca. Just wasn't on the cards for unfortunately. But it certainly sounds that Team House took care of things over there
[/shameless plug]

Dan: Heh yeah. Sometimes it happens, as with most things in life. You'll make the next one though ;)

Pete: Yeah well plans are to hit GenCon again this year (may be my last for a while though)

Dan: GenCon is great. One of my favorite times of the year.

Pete: GenCon always leaves me somewhat glad that I am nice and mediocre at l5r, leaves more time for the social stuff.

Dan: Haha yeah - being good is hard. Not just the skill involved, but the time and mental energy required too.

When you started playing, did you have any idea that something like L5R could have such an impact on your life?

Dan: I had no idea L5R would become as important as it is to me now. It's literally changed my life for the better in so many ways its impossible to list them all.

Pete: Yeah I know the feeling sometimes.

So you recently visited this neck of the woods (roughly) for Ruby how was it, any scandal?
Dan: Ruby was great. I think all the players had a lot of fun (despite the snow) and there was no scandal at all (at least that I'm aware of, but hey - they wouldn't tell the American anything, right? :D).

Pete: Hmmmm I must save money better so I can make it to more tournaments and cause some scandal, I guess I am slipping a bit.

Dan: I played Phoenix Naga for the event, and did pretty well. Kostas (the winner of Ruby) was playing a similar deck. I built mine that morning though after a talk with Case back in the states haha.

Pete: Ah well, everyone knows that the best decks are the decks built at 2am, in a drunken stupor with no planning whatsoever. I think that holds for any deck built the morning of a tournament. Also, Phoenix are amazing at the moment

Dan: Haha probably. I build most of my decks only a few days before, and I'm usually changing cards out right before the event starts.

Now that L5R is covered, lets talk about something else. Whats your favourite other game? Video game?
Dan: I'm pretty big into League of Legends at the moment, and have several L5R friends I play with. I've also loved survival horror series and JRPGs since I was little, so Resident Evil and the Final Fantasy series are two of my all-time favorites. I've also started playing Magic again as well to vary up my card flopping skills and to get some insight into how Magic is these days.

Pete: LoL is one of those games I keep eyeing up, but will probably never get into out of fear

Dan: It's fun with friends, that's for sure.

Pete: I have developed a strong addiction to Planetside 2 however. I havent played Magic since Shards of Alara actually, must drop back in in a while to see how things are getting on.

Dan: I've heard great things about Planetside. I guess it's also worth mentioning I enjoy table top as well - getting ready to start a Pathfinder game soon.

Pete: I have a good group of lads I regularly play table top with (l5r people of course), currently Deadlands, but we tend to move between games from time to time

Dan: Deadlands is fantastic.

Pete: I am enjoying it quite a bit. It turns out I make a fantastic loud mouthed outlaw. Who knew?

Dan: I'd have never guessed. :)

Pete: Hehe yeah, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I do normally play the chaotic neutral style character, so its nice to be a little more evil than good for once.

Dan: It's always fun to play the bad guys, I think.

How about music, what music are you listening to most atm?

Dan: The Black Keys - 'Gold on the Ceiling'

Pete: Yeah, Colson got me into the Black Keys, they are amazing

Dan: I'm also a massive Garbage, and Smashing Pumpkins fan too.

Pete: I do find myself partial to a bit of Pumpkins from time to time, I have this huge fascination with Mumford and Sons at the moment, and (like the rest of Ireland weirdly) The Lumineers.

Dan: Haven't heard the Lumineers - I'll check them out.

Pete: They are quite good, similar to Mumford I would say, just much less banjo

Dan: Ah, fair enough. I'm also secretly a huge fan of two Welsh bands - the Ting Tings and the Stereophonics.

Pete: God I always forget that Stereophonics are Welsh, its one of those things that easy to forget.
Ok so I was drinking with a few mates when I wrote the questions for this interview, so at this stage we are getting into the random questions, so I apologize about that.

Dan: Heh yeah.

If you were interviewing yourself, what question would you ask yourself, and what would your answer be (yes I am that lazy)?
Dan: Question: What, if any super power would you want?
Answer: The power cosmic, Tony Stark's bank account and genius, or Gumby's ability to go into books and slide around.

Pete: Haha man I never considered Gumby's, that would be a good one. I reckon I would probably go with a Green Lantern ring. Not really a super power but I am complete sucker for the Green Lanterns

Dan: Imagination as your only limit IS pretty cool.

Pete: Although I could be tempted into having an Alfred, that would work for me too.

Dan: Sometimes, I think Alfred is really Batman's true super power.

How does it feel to be the first person interviewed for, what will undoubtedly become, the best L5R related article series of all time?

Dan: Hahaha, I'm not gonna lie man, I always feel honored when people want to talk to me. I don't think I'm that interesting honestly, but it's nice when people wanna talk to you.

Pete: *honoured
Yeah, well like it or not you are definitely a name in the community. But besides that, you are someone I wanted to interview, and to learn about.

Dan: So they tell me. I just hope at the end of the day, I've made the game a better experience overall for the community, and that they benefit from it. Thank you Pete. That means a lot.

Pete: I think its safe to say that yes, you have had a very positive impact, you don't have to worry about that man.

Nearly there, if you were a Subway sandwich, what sandwich would you be?
Pete: (wtf was I writing??)

Dan: Cold cut trio on wheat, lettuce and black olives, lite mayo, and a dash of mustard.

Pete: Hmmm black olives.....we may have to reconsider our relationship.

Dan: Diced with no pit is the only way I eat 'em.

Pete: I keep a strong policy when it comes to olives - steer clear at all times.

Dan: Well, we agree on 'most' things then :)

Pete: Haha I guess so

Aaand finally, what's your perfect Sunday?
Dan: Sleeping in, a nice breakfast with a view outside, and enjoying comics and games for the day. Quiet dinner with friends in the evening and a little bit of TV with my lady.

Pete: I guess we do agree on most things :) Not too different from myself on that front at all

Right I think that's it for my questions, is there anything you wanted to ask me for any reason?

Dan: No, I don't think so. Thank you so much for having me.

Pete: And thank you for allowing me to bother you with odd questions. You have been fantastic.

Dan: Anytime man, and thank you.


So that was the first interview, thanks again to Mr Briscoe for being classy as always. Please let me know what you think in the forums, there will be a thread I am sure. Feedback is always welcome.