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Thanks to Moto Damasko for suggesting this. The forum is to collect decks for multi player and alternate (non current) formats. Please indicate in the thread title what format is is legal for.

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hello ,
here are the ennemis : spider/shadowland +++, nezumi +++, scorpion ++, phoenix+

i found myself unable to complete my deck its been a real pain to finish it :x
its a clan champion ,tactician ,paragon deck.

i pass you the dinasty deck its not a real big deal to imagine it
but here is my first attempt on the fate deck.

3 strengh of paragon
3 superior strategist
2 entrapping terrain
2 stay your blade
3 fall on yout knees
3 the sun return
3 faith in my clan
1 shyrio no shinjo
1 heavenly kobune
1 kitsuki kaagis journal
1 a wish granted
1 the thriving light
1 honor never falls
1 creating order
1 a game of dice
1 otemi's technique
1 glorious path to victory
1 unpredictable strategy
1 broad front
2 cavalry tactics
2 counterattack
2 single combat
1 into the darkness

ok here is the deal , i can extend my deck to 40 + its not a problem
i got 38 selected here and i miss , kills ( control , battle ), strengh boost , defence , attachment, event control
cant make my mind on discarding cards on this base but why not, cant fit all in a deck anyway :x
i need some advise pliz im totally stuck on this , i need some ideas , thanks a lot /bow

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