Random thoughts on Legacy.

Thanks to Moto Damasko for suggesting this. The forum is to collect decks for multi player and alternate (non current) formats. Please indicate in the thread title what format is is legal for.

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Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:30 pm

Anyone have suggestions for Legacy decks to play?

Also general ideas such as gold schemes, like is Blessed Herd worth it in the format or does Silk works make it useless?

Cards anyone should have that wants to play the format (e.g. Deadly Ground)?

I would love more people to start playing the older stuff, since I still have my very first stronghold...Provincial Estate of the Unicorn, from Emerald. I also love the old card back, and hate the Olympic Committee for being douches about it.

That said, something I think a lot of people overlook in Legacy is the usefulness of Small Farm. It lets you get 3 holding on turn 1 or 2 holdings and a dude. Pretty awesome.
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