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Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:15 pm

Greetings All,

Due to some recent heated fourm posts and discussion with the Moderator Team the line between what is and is not an inflamatory comment ( see rule 1) when it doesn't originate to an outside site is one that required some clarity. So without any further ado...

2nd Forum Rule: No Attribution of Intent. While discussion is encouraged, attribution of motives to AEG Staff (Design,Story or Office) without documentation is prohibitted. Infractions may result in warnings with escalating penalty based upon sererity and frequency.

and as a reminder

1st Forum Rule: No Inflamatory Comments: Any outside dispute brought to these forums will result in a 2 week temporary ban for a first infraction. Upon a second in fraction of this rule a permament ban will be instituted.

Should there be any comments on this rule please post them in the BUG FIX fourm as things can always be tweaked to fit the groups general make up.
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nice post

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