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Changes to the Unicorn of the Wind Forums

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:42 pm
by Ide Yesugei
Greetings to all,

As some of you may have noticed we have started to make over the site to make it more user friendly and also more vibrant for those who come here. The first is reorganizing some of the forums in line with the new moderator team.

I extend my thanks to all who volunteered and would like to congratulate ( in no particular order)

Moto Seals - Voice of the Khan in the Last Mega_Game: 2011 Kotei winner and Lord of all Cheese Burgers. He will be focusing on the Khan's Court and the White Guard Forums.

Utaku Hidaki - A true gentleman and calming influence on all. Designer of outside the box for numerous arcs and great teacher of the game. He also will be focusing on the Khan's Court and the White Guard Forums.

Shinjo Dun : Multiple Winner's Choice winner and firm backer of the Shinjo Claims to leading the clan. He is well versed in what is and is not allowed by Aeg where spoilers and previews are allowed and as such will be focusing on the Previews Forum.

Shinjo Dalu: All around great guy with a passion for learning, teaching and beer drinking. part of the TO team for Euros this year. He will be helping to rejuvenate the main site through article posting on and editing and will also be focusing on the Path of the Warrrior to allow the moderated forums to be as vibrant and active as the non modified ones.

Moto Yoee: The guy responsible for the banners on this site and almost all banners, profile and signature images on this site. He will be helping with the overall visual makeover of the forums and of as well.

Moto Eiji: The Best Unicorn Costume at Gencon 2011 and very dedicated to the Artisan pursuits on the forums. He will be focused on getting the Artisan's District to be more vibrant in future.

While each Moderator is focusing on a particular area all have the ability to moderate on any forum and judging by the fact that we have had a need for exactly one rule in the first year I don;t see the need to suddenly start adding rules just to keep busy. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

A second change you may notice is that atwo new groups have been created to be a part of the site along with the White Guard. They are the AEG Staff group ( if you work directly for AEG you get a fancy title and name colour) and the Merchants and Emissaries group. The ME group is for thos who come to our site to spread word of events new sources or sales that are not speciific to the unicorn clan and if you would be one of those it eventually will come with the Green colour for your user name and the Herald Custom Rank. To apply for any group please contact me via PM and I will process the applications as quickly as I can.

Thank you to all for making this a great year for the site,