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What is Tales of Rokugan?

Its is a online living campaign for Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game 4th edition. Where you play a single character with a bunch of other people.

How do you play this campaign?

We play on a hybrid model of traditional Play by Post via forums but mostly (85-90%) play via live chat. We use rocketchat because it is great for mobile users along with standard pc users.

When and where are setting the campaign?

We are setting the campaign in the year 926 on the edge of the shinomen forest in Sacred Stone Village. The city has been rebuilt by the ronin who saved the Emperor’s life some 15 years ago. The Iron-willed emperor has decreed that the shinomen forest be pacified for the good of the empire and has sent the Fourth Legion to complete this decree.

When do you guys run scenes?

We try and have GMs run scenes that favor Euro times and American times but sadly I will say American times are often the majority of scenes. Note this is just for the chat the Play by Post is of course a twenty four hour deal monday through Friday. There will be both scheduled and “Drop-in” scenes on the chat. Scheduled games are planned ahead and will be through sign-up on the forum. Drop-in scenes refer to any GM’s ability to log on and run a scene. This is encouraged, and Drop-in scenes will be used with some regularity.

Why are you making this post?

We are still in the finishing stages of the campaign design, we want users to start joining our site and logging into chat to hash out ideas and plan characters together

What is Pre-Game?

Tales of Rokugan will have a Pre-games and a Main-game. In Pre-game we will to test out our systems that we built up, and our GM’s ability to handle pc load. So How Pre-game will be handled is that you will make 150 exp character for an Imperial Winter Court. There will be a military and political game going on here so if you want to smash something other than a crane courtier’s face in we have you covered but if you want to move the court with words of silken grace we have that planned as well. After Pre-game has ended all characters will be retired yes this can be a pain and yes you did get attached to your samurai but pre-games was for testing and gaining valuable feedback from players on how we can provide the best experience

Then what will happen with Main-game?

With the main game you will start out with a 55 exp character, and gain 4 exp for every game week, so since there are 9 game weeks planned for the first season you character will gain 36 exp over the course of the season. Then during break you will gain a bonus of 16 exp at the start of the break as we do not run scenes for an entire month. Main game will have a similar setup to pre-game in that we have two spheres of play, unlike pre-game those sphere are dependent on each other and often play off one of the main focuses for Tales of Rokugan is the crossover between spheres. At times the players could feel separated, and we wish to avoid that. The political and military spheres will have a profound impact upon each other, and the decisions of one could impact the game of the other.

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