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"Gather, cousins, and heed my words. Dark times have fallen upon us, yes, but in times of darkness, we must not despair. Rather, let us light a candle in the darkness, a simple shining beacon by which we might find each other. A candle alone sheds little light, but together a thousand candles may cast brilliance in even the deepest gloom.

So gather, weary travelers all, and heed my tale. I speak now of the greatest times of our Clan, and those most filled with strife."


A child is born.

It is a strange time for the people of the plains. Not too long ago, the was a great calamity. A great light split the heavens, and several lesser lights were cast out of the sky to crash upon the earth. Runners and scouts from the other tribes speak of how the lesser lights were people, fully grown and magnificent in their splendor. In recent days, the other tribes speak of those children of the sky gathering tribes to their sides, making them vassals to their will.

"Ah, but you are an unlucky child," mourned the mother. "To be born in such a time, when Gods come to seize all we have known."

"Nonsense," replied another woman. "We are the people of the plains. Ours is a freedom untouchable, even by the children of the sky. We will meet them, and should they try to seize our steeds, we will simply ride farther than they could ever follow. Rejoice, for your child will grow up in a world of wonders untold."

And she did.


A child is born.

The dark days have come to an end, and the Thunders has defeated Fu Leng. The People of the Winds rejoice, but Shinjo says that they now must go abroad, see the greater world. Her Clan are with her, and save for the few that choose to stay, the Ki-Rin ride forth.

"Ah, what an unlucky child you are," bemoaned the mother. "To never see your home of Rokugan. Perhaps it would be better to ride back and remain with the others."

"Nonsense," declared another. "Your child shall be the first of the Ki-Rin to behold the new lands we discover with an innocent's eyes. It is a gift the he should be born in the Sojourn. Treasure that gift, as your child one day will."

And he did.


A child is born.

The days are hot, and the nights cold in the Sands. The seemingly eternal war between the desert factions is spiraling out of control, and the Ki-Rin Moto have lost their home Oasis to a sinister poison in the waters.

"My child, surely you were conceived under a bad star," mused the mother. "You will know no home but the back of a horse, and I fear that we will all perish under Shilah's wrath."

"Nonsense," shouted one of the others. "This is a trial like any other, but there are other places water can be found. We must keep faith that the rule of the Khadi will fall, and that our lady Shinjo will return to us. When she does, your child will ride at the side of the Goddess."

And she did.


A child is born.

The time is one of panic. A dark ritual has caused the skies to rain blood, twisting those of weak will or body into abomination that rove the countryside, hunting their former kin. Powerful warriors and shugenja strive to defeat these foes, but the monsters are many, and the heroes are few.

"Better to be born in any other time than this," said the mother. "For you will grow up in a land ravaged by demons."

"Nonsense," argued a fellow refugee. "Your child resisted the Blood, even as an infant. If a mere baby can resist the call, then our bushi will purge these lands swiftly. Your child will grow up strong, in a land reborn in victory."

And he did.


A child is born.

The Khan is dead, sacrificing himself to the fire of Shiro Moto to end the long war with the Lion. The Unicorn are once again forced to rebuild, the fresh damage of war simply lying on top of the damage dealt by the failed campaign a year ago in Toshi Ranbo.

"My child what a time to have been born," sighed the mother. "You have missed our days of glory, and the only world I have to offer you is one of ashes."

"Nonsense," scoffed a companion. "These are the times in which a hero can truly shine. Born in adversity, when the Clan holds little and less, a single samurai's deeds may be magnified. Your child's life will be one of glory."

And it was.


"You say that you understand, but I still see downcast faces among you. Times are hard, yes. Our former allies in the Spider have turned on us, burning our lands and forcing us abroad. But for our efforts, many of our people still remain! Our peasants are safe, and we will make them skilled with arms so that they will remain so.

The road to the Colonies will be a hard one, but we have faced adversity before. The Ivory Kingdoms will be the only home that many of the young among us know, so let us not weep for what we have lost. Let us instead rejoice in what we have. Whatever trials we face, our children will grow up in a world of possibilities, their kharma propelling them to great heights. We are stronger for the difficulties we have faced, and no matter what we give in sacrifice, the Unicorn will live on! Thunderous and proud, we are the Children of the Wind! No fleeting darkness will change that. Whether on the Golden Plains or on the Ki-Rin's Path, we survive as we always have.

How can I be so sure? Earlier this very week, in the first days of the retreat, I was called upon to assist a pregnant samurai in one of the wagons. The danger and excitement was enough to intrigue the babe, and it had decided that it wanted to see this world ahead of schedule.

So raise your cups, my friends. Times are dark, but together, our candles may illuminate our path. We will ride through the night, our heads held high, and welcome the first Unicorn born in exile. We will be a beacon, to guide our own and others, a light that refuses to gutter out.

A child is born."
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Well said, thank you for sharing this with us.

A night only last so long, then the darkness flees with the coming dawn.

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erm, before I broke the left leg off the transistor trying to straighten it out it measured the left leg as .00, the middle was .00, and the right leg was .01-.03 but at one point measured .30 somehow

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