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Horiuchi Meimei
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Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:51 pm


I just saw this today. They did a pretty good job covering things from TNO and how they fit into Standard. I've been focusing more on Strict so it's nice to hear their impressions of cards.

They're spot on with both of the Ide.

I'm not as keen on our new shugenja as the Enough Talk guys are. I want to see more Battle actions and fewer Interrupts on our shugenja we've seen since Ivory base set. The Interrupts that make Fear better are good but relying on an unreliable Sensei or having the right spell in play to even use the actions on my guys is too many moving parts in my deck. Death Priests just do not excite me in Strict. Having a Conqueror shugenja is nice but is that keyword worth the loss of Cavalry? And will another inefficient 3F blank guy help the deck that much? Again, I'm looking at things from the Strict perspective since that's what my groups have been playing lately.

Moto Tadasu is 1G too expensive for what he does unless you're playing with Death Priests, and then he hurts the consistency of your deck because you'll have games where he's the only guy available when you really need a shugenja to play your spells. He's not unplayable but he doesn't rate high on the list of guys who won't make the cut.

Shinjo Saeki won't see any play in Standard unless Magistrates become a thing but she looks golden in Strict, where having the Cavalry keyword and a Battle action that affects an enemy card are a rare combination.
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Iuchi Toshimo
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Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:16 pm

I just playtested Strict Death Priests yesterday... Lackluster at best (on my first try.)
The gems were Final Ruin, Burning Spirit, Jade Ascension, and Moto Tadasu. Alani was good. Everyone else was pretty much interchangeable. Not a big fan of the 2F shug we got, mostly because of the 2F.

Sure, I can see the "danger" in running 3 non shugs. That always seems to bite me in the ass only when it's really important. Still, 4F + battle action? Sign me up. Tobita might just be the better choice, though. Because, if you haven't checked out my most recent deck list yet, we still don't have good tempo answers beyond encouraging opposed battles. It's getting worse, too. Lion now have the Spawn and Shuffle shug that fixes their bad starts.

A telling blow was that I was more excited to see a Komori Taruko in my provinces than my in-clan people. She could carry super Wards of Air, do card draw tricks, and could attack/defend like a queen.
The deck's same general issue plagued me in Strict which turned me away before in Arc (pre-Kotei.) I was constantly 1F shy of doing anything truly effective and meaningful. Maybe it was my card choices.

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Moto Shitoku
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Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:42 am

Are you running stones of purity and guidance of war?

Also what strategies are you running? Streets of second city? Show Of power?

Id be interested to see your deck, I have been having a lot of success with my deathpriest deck, and it feels pretty strong to me.

Alani is a amazing. I find myself chump blocking with him, killing an attachment / personality and using resilient.

I find high attrition in the deck works out very nicely.

I don't like ward of air that much because only running komori taruko. I think Interrupt the void's flow is probably the better choice if you want to run it.

I haven't found 3 non shugs a problem at all yet. You'd have to be pretty unlucky for it to affect you badly.

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