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Medford Kotei 3rd Place, Top Unicorn

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:15 pm
by Nomad Chronicler
Hey all! Not a bad placing for my second ever (and last) kotei!

A few notes before the report:

This isn't entirely the deck I wanted to play, I had my heart set on a few builds, but lacked the cards for them. It didn't at all occur to me to proxy (derp), so my Scorpion friend and I built this deck as best we could with the cards we did have. It turned out quite well, and it might see an even better showing under a more skilled pilot than I.

The kotei was 24 people, with a 5-round start cutting to top 8.

I mentally counted afterwards, and in my time playing this card game, I have a grand total of 39 games under my belt, including this kotei, and about a third of them being non-standard (Booster Draft, Emperor edition throwback, 3-player.) So forgive any mistakes in this report as beginner stuff, because I am one of those roleplayer types just here for the story :P

Deck List and Report to follow.

Re: Medford Kotei 3rd Place, Top Unicorn

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:34 pm
by Nomad Chronicler
Deck- "Junghar Irregulars" (My private joke, since I lacked many of the popular meta cards when my friend and I built it)

Stronghold- Endless Plains o' teh Unicorns
No Sensei


Events- 2
1x The New Order
1x Enlistment

Holdings- 17
1x Forward Encampment
2x Officer's Lodge
3x Stables
1x Spirit's Essence Dojo
1x Shinsei's Last Hope
3x Nexus of Lies
1x Forgotten Legacy
2x Cloth Market
3x The Ivory Courtroom

Personalities- 21
2x Moto Alagh
3x Moto Yao-Tsu
2x Iuchi Chiwa
2x Shinjo Zhi-Tae
3x Shinjo Nobunaga
3x Moto Jengzan
2x Moto Baatar
1x Otaku Kamoko, Thunder
1x Moto Chinua Exp
1x Moto Naleesh Exp
1x Moto Taigo Exp 2



2x Warcats-in-Training
2x The Thundering Death
2x Legion of the Khan
1x Junghar Regulars
3x Mounted Support

Items- 1
1x Ancestral Armor of I should hope you know which Clan

Rings- 2
1x Ring o' Earth
1x Ring o' Air

2x Relentless
2x Unholy Strike
2x Superior Assault
2x Incapacitated
2x Startling Kiai
2x Versatile Army
3x Contentious Terrain
1x Necessary Sacrifice
2x Way of the Unicorn
2x Unsafe Passage
1x Courage Beyond Question
1x Accessible Terrain
1x Superior Defense
2x Sneak Attack
2x Ending the Chase

Re: Medford Kotei 3rd Place, Top Unicorn

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:46 pm
by Nomad Chronicler
Round 1- Crab Iemasa Sensei Fortification Honor
This one ended quickly through a combination of a number of factors. The roll off for go first went in my favor, so I got to start out. My start was unspectacular, not bad, not great, but my opponent wound up with a whole bunch of Honor fortifications and not a lot of gold, having to use a Building Contract just to grab some gold production. I got out a Province-taking unit by turn (4,5?) and was swinging, in which time she only had enough gold for one personality. Since I had a Thundering Death and a ton of anti-movement in play (Armor equipped, Unsafe Passage in hand), I attacked opposed at the one province showing a unit. After shrugging off the send-homes, I had dishonored the unit with Ending the chase and fear-trampled it with the Thundering Death, taking the province in the process. Without any units, her honor fortifications were defunct, and she conceded. We proceeded to play a friendly while waiting for the round to finish, where her deck went off this time, and I think she would have had the game, but time was called.
MVP: Thundering Death (Non-bow kill), Ending the Chase (Dishonor)


Round 2- Scorpion Hisako Sensei Military Kensai
Hoo boy, I went into this round scared. Traditionally I have had trouble against Dragon Kensai decks, and didn't know what to expect from the Scorpion. But, I got a solid gold start, and managed to take a province undefended before he bought and equipped 3 different kensai. I held off on attacking until I had managed to bring more guys in, which was a good move as it turned out, because he attacked a province the very next turn. I normally wouldn't defend the first province, but I had a large Resilient unit (Jengzan, baby.), a ton of strong battle actions, and the Ring of Earth in Hand. He bounced my Junghar Regulars back to my hand via Swordcatcher (My inexperience showing), but I was able to take out his big kill actions by shooting the personality nerfed by the Regulars before they went and blowing up weapons with Superior Assault. Using Incapacitated to bounce a bowed naked unit home, I lost the battle with 0 losses (other than the Regulars sent to hand and burning the resilient Keyword), and brought Earth into play. The next turn, he has bowed guys (He had to use the sensei for the force bump rather than conqueror just to win the previous fight), so I equip up and sweep two more provinces. His last ditch attempt is a pair of Toshigoku's Blades, but since they have to attack, their personalities are bowed and are unable to prevent the horde from striking him down in the next fight using much the same tactics as the first.
MVP: Moto Jengzan (A Resilient Unit of absurd force is just the thing to get out the Ring of Earth), Superior Assault (Attachments fall before my Commanders!)


Round 3- Scorpion Hisako Sensei Military Kensai
Two Scorpion, both Kensai, and I get them back-to-back. This one, piloted by my good friend Ryan who helped me build this deck. I honestly don't remember much about this game, because it went down like this: Ryan has never had much luck against Unicorn to begin with, and having helped build the deck, knew how evil it could be. I found the best possible gold start (Pair of stables, Cloth Market showing for next turn), he found both of his Forgotten Legacies. From that point he basically said "that's game, so let's say I concede and play it out for the hilarity." Which we did. And it went down exactly as expected. Much laughs were had.
MVP- A super-consistent Gold scheme


Round 4- Lion Seijuro Sensei Military Dueling
If there is one thing I fear with Commanders, and especially with this deck, it is Duelists. Also, being a fairly new player, I just don't have much experience with the existing Duel cards. And didn't have any Spirited Dispute to put in the deck. And didn't get a great gold start, Cycle twice betraying me. And had planned on beating duels by bringing Death Priests running Chi enhancing weapons. And. And. And. Needless to say, this went poorly. After my unspectacular start, I utterly forgot that I had Forgotten Legacy in my deck, and screwed over what would have been a maximum-efficiency turn bringing my gold back to par. The irony of forgetting Forgotten Legacy does not escape me. New-ish player, as I said. From there, I took one province, then lost my unit to a kill-duel and was unable to recover.
LVP- Any number of factors, mostly inexperience.


Round 5- Crab Aranai Sensei Military Super-Unit Shugenja
This was a weird deck to fight. I had heard about it because of hearing people talk between rounds about a 3 Stones of Purity Komori Taruko with Stepping Behind The Tapestry, so naturally, I was more than a little concerned going in. I got a fairly good start, but every turn my opponent was bringing in Temple of Destiny, playing card-cycle and search effects, and so on so forth. managed to get a 8-force Yao Tsu unit out and Taigo to take out a pair of provinces, which he did not attempt to oppose despite having a un-invested Tonbo Jairyu and a Komori Taruko out. I found out why the next turn, when he did more card-searching, then spent all his gold to slap two Zazen Meditations, 3 Stones, and an Oriole Katana on the Taruko. He chose to go for the Katana for the conqueror instead of Stepping behind for the untargetability because of the Conqueror, and as I would later learn, the cards he planned to stop my next attack with, and he takes a province with his now 30-force Conqueror Unit. The next turn, I attach a Legion to Taigo, and out of options, I dive in at both provinces, scared out of my wits. Jairyu was bowed for a search the previous turn, so he had Taruko defend one. I take one province unopposed, and then in the other battle, it goes as follows= I Sneak Attack, and try to send her home with Incapacitated, blocked by The Sun Returns. He Fears the Legion. I unbow the Legion with Ring of Air. Taruko straightens with the Stronghold (bowed for The Sun Returns). I Necessary Sacrifice one of my Incapacitated's back, and send her home. No answer for it this time. I force bump Taigo with Tactician, and take the second province for the win. Asking about the deck afterwards, it was entirely made of cycle in order to build that super-unit, and Aranai was purely for The Sun Returns to protect it in the early stages before he had a chance to stick Stepping Behind on her.
MVP: Necessary Sacrifice (Recurrence and action snowball), Incapacitated (Unicorn Tactics/Indirect Warfare: If you can't fight a unit head-on, don't!)


Thus ends the play-ins. My friend Russ and I get matched against eachother for the first round of the Top 8, so we decide to take lunch then play our games.

Top 8- Dragon Jinai Sensei Military Commander Shugenja
Russ is a ton of fun to play with, just a great guy. We are chatting about our decks and the things we love about the idea of Military Shugenja the whole time. Having heard (incorrectly as it turned out) that we could chose to do a best of 3, we played our first and second game, but got the third interrupted.

First game- I get a great gold start and win the roll off, and he gets good gold as well. However, I got lucky enough to see Jengzan and create my Super Resilient Unit by turn 4, and swing out Cavalry be damned. Commander cards win me the opposed battles, as well as the battle actions on my followers killing his. We fight for a short while longer, but Russ concedes the field on account of my breaking his big units. On an odd note, this is the only game all tournament that I saw my BabyCats.
MVP- Battle actions on Followers.

Second Game- MISERABLE gold start, and it just goes terribly from the start on, plus I went first so second Cycle can't save me. Of note is that his deck has a ton of personalities with killer Courtesy effects. I have a Forgotten Legacy and a Forward Encampment to work with by turn 3, and that's it. I scoop after a few turns of getting wrecked in every fight. As we both put it, call it early, move to game 3, because this is ridiculous.

Third Game, sorta- This time we both got decent starts, and we are fighting neck-and neck before I take two provinces by the skin of my teeth, breaking one of his strong units in the process. At this point, the judge comes over and tells us that, because we took lunch, we were supposed to do this Best of 1, but we could finish this one if we wanted too. We think it over a bit, and Russ concedes based on the fact that I lost the second game to gold luck more than anything, and I am looking like I am going to win this game. I reluctantly accept, because as much as I like moving on, Russ is just fun to play with.

Semi-Finals- Mantis Ohsuki Sensei Shugenja Honor
We are supposed to do this one as a Best-of-3, but everyone is tired so we agree on one game. What proceeds is just a mess of nonsense and bad decisions on my part, partly due to exhaustion, partly due to inexperience, partly due to bad luck, and I can think of no less than 3 separate occasions where I would have won this one if I had made a different decision. However, tired as I was, I made the wrong decisions all of those times, and saw exactly 1 of my anti-honor tech to boot. So... Bleh. Unfortunately, as I was indeed tired, I don't remember much of the goings-on of this game.
LVP-My brain, Resolving The New Order too early, Not getting any of my cards, any number of things really. As I said before, bleh.

Final Standing: 3rd Place, Top of Unicorn. 6-3

Re: Medford Kotei 3rd Place, Top Unicorn

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:37 pm
by Ide Yesugei
Well done .. a good showing there..

Anything about your deck you would have changed?

Re: Medford Kotei 3rd Place, Top Unicorn

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:08 pm
by Nomad Chronicler
In retrospective, I think so. The weak links are as follows

-Forward Encampment- Ideal situations had me spending all of my gold every turn, and I couldn't really spare the gold to re-buy a lost follower in battle. Likely, I would replace this with a Garrison Hub, because too often I was only able to get followers on one unit to take provinces, and then had to try to swarm the rest. Too vulnerable.

-Moto Alagh- Running 3x Mounted Support and Taigo meant that I had more than enough access to conqueror. If I had the copies of him, I'd love to go 3x on Chinua exp.

-Otaku Kamoko- Afraid not. A fun idea, but just too expensive for a follower focused deck. Not useful. Not sure what I'd put in her place.

Fate side, the only thing that I'd change is maybe going down to 1x Startling Kiai. It's fun, but I didn't get the use out of it I thought I would. A Fall Back might go in it's place for additional straighten.

Re: Medford Kotei 3rd Place, Top Unicorn

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2015 1:09 am
by Ide Yesugei
Thanks for the tips. I though Komoko might be too pricey for the environment and sadly it appears so.

Re: Medford Kotei 3rd Place, Top Unicorn

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:09 pm
by Rudie
Good job, I like the deck!
I'm wondering about your events - did you find Enlistment productive enough? It's always one I want to play but cut it at the last minute. And was The New Order worth having?
I find so many of the Commander keyword cards intriguing, I think I'll try taking another look at them. And everyone is raging about Jengzan right now, is he really that awesome? Seems to want a Camel Mounts.
And, on a side note, I'm surprised to see an Ohsuki Sensei deck did well. I've experimented with that in my playgroup for fun, but never actually made it work...

Re: Medford Kotei 3rd Place, Top Unicorn

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:02 pm
by Nomad Chronicler
Enlistment, when I found it, was a great help. The deck is a bit low on card draw, but you normally win before it is a problem. For everything else, there's Enlistment.

The New Order: Can't really say. I love having it in there as an Ohshit card, but my two matchups with Honor didn't really revolve around it. The first I just got an excellent starting attack to win the game before it had begun, and the second I was just making so many mistakes that I can't say if I really would have needed it if I had played smart.

Commander cards: These things are awesome. Game-winners all, although I never saw my copy of Superior Defense. Assault, Unsafe Passage, and Necessary Sacrifice however, were essential.

Jengzan: I thought about playing Camel Mounts, but couldn't find the space. Him not having Cav is what powers Versatile Army however, and he can still be returned with Chiwa if sent away. Plus, the entirely Resilient Unit is just too good to pass up. Really, it's absurd. Also, as a cheap Commander you can send him out for an early attack and block movement home with Unsafe Passage.

Ohsuki Sensei- The trick that I saw it using was playing Fortifications with Earth/Air spells to bow/send home. The fortifications worked due to the Poke'mon giving en-masse presence, and the spells just ruined attacks. I could have beat it if I had been fully awake, but it was a reasonably strong deck. It lost the finals to Spider Corrupt Fear though.

Re: Medford Kotei 3rd Place, Top Unicorn

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:08 am
by Horiuchi Meimei
Nice job!